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Glassboy, The Glazing Hero!

Need a saviour for all of your glazing needs? Never fear, the Glassboy 330 is here. This extremely versatile, counterbalanced used floor crane is the […]

Four-in-A-Row Master- The P11104 Glass Lifter

On the lookout for the perfect used glass vacuum lifter? The P11104 glass vacuum lifter is an extremely versatile machine. Boasting a lifting capacity of […]

Take it Away with the Tow Cart 1300

Need a tow? Here you go! This used electric cart is capable of manoeuvring loads of up to 1300kg, creating no fumes or noise within […]

The Glazing Genius, Geko 350!

Glazing can get complicated but not with a genius on the job! This used Geko 350 glazing robot is the perfect solution to all glazing […]

The MRT4 is the Glass Vacuum Lifter 4 You!

Need a hand lifting glass? This used MRT4 glass vacuum lifter can offer you four! The MRT4 glass vacuum lifter is an extremely versatile machine, […]

The Glassbuddy, Your Transport Friend

Transporting glass can be tricky but not with the Glassbuddy! The Glassbuddy provides simpler travelling of heavy glass loads of up to 150kg across sites. […]

GL-UMC600, The Expert Glass Manipulator!

The ultimate combination of control and reach is here… This used GL-UMC600 is a robotic head, designed specifically for being attached to cranes as an […]

The Glass Sherpa Way

Need a way to transport your heavy glass load without strain? Look no further than the Glass Sherpa! This revolutionary glass trolley offers a safer […]

The Only Way is up With the Glassmax

Our wide range of used lifting products offer a solution to all lifting needs. If you need to perform a vertical lift of a heavy […]

Liftboy the Lifting Hero!

Need a lift? The liftboy 700 electric floor crane is the ideal lifting partner with a powered drive for smoother transportation across sites. This heroic […]

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