Overhang Beams

Used Overhang Beams for Sale overhang.png

We offer a range of used overhang counterbalance beams for sale across the UK. Our range of used overhang beams are useful when facing overhangs and obstacles on site. Designed as below-the-hook devices, our used overhang beams are ideal for installation work. This range of overhang beams are capable of operating underneath overhangs of up to 3 metres.

Our range of Libro overhang beams offer varying lifting capacities which range from 250kg to an impressive 8 tonnes. Featuring an integrated hook, our used overhang beams allow ultimate precision and control when installing glass. They are also compatible with a range of our lifters. Our overhang beams offer stability when lifting due to their counterbalance weights. They are the perfect solution to all of your overhang problems, so overcome all obstacles with our used overhang beam range.

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