Floor Cranes

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Our range of used floor cranes are highly manoeuvrable machines. They are ideal for lifting between floors and on construction sites with restricted access. Built with solid tyres, these compact cranes can easily travel with heavy loads across uneven ground. Their features include boom extensions for maximum height when lifting. Due to their lightweight nature, these used floor cranes are the ultimate machines for convenient lifting.

With lifting capacities ranging from 280kg-850kg, these machines can lift heavy loads effortlessly. These used cranes can boom out to maximum hook heights of 2.6 metres to 3.3 metres. Because of a built-in hook attachment, our floor cranes are reliable lifting aids that will suit a range of below-the-hook devices. These expert, glass manipulating machines can be easily assembled with lockable wheels and are compatible with our used glass vacuum lifters. Our used floor cranes can be the perfect solution to all of your lifting and glazing needs.

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