Stone Lifters

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We offer a wide range of used stone lifters for sale across the UK. Our range of stone lifters are the ultimate machines for lifting heavy pieces of porous and non-porous stone. Capable of lifting heavy loads of stone, our stone vacuum lifters are extremely versatile pieces of equipment.

Featuring a constant running vacuum, our stone vacuum lifters are highly capable of lifting heavy stone, as well as slabs and glass reinforced concrete. Lifting capacities vary, ranging from 100kg to a huge 4.6 tonnes. These lifters are also powered by rechargeable battery. Safety features allow for a simpler lift due to a low vacuum warning alarm. Whether the stone is heavy or oddly shaped, we will have the perfect used stone lifter, so find yours here.

Purchase a used stone vacuum lifter from us today!

All used of our stone lifting products are offered subject to availability. To see the full list of used lifting equipment available, please visit our used lifting products listings page.

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