About Us

Our website lists a range of used lifting products for sale. These products include used vacuum lifters, glazing robots, floor cranes, hoists and much more. They offer a solution to all lifting or glazing needs. All of our powerful, used machines are ready to lift any load. They each have varying lifting capacities and a range of maximum lifting heights. Perfect for those hard-to-reach areas.

Our used products work well within confined spaces due to their compact build. These machines are also perfect for any type of professional glazing work. They are the best fit for canopy glazing and inside-out glazing. All of our used lifting products work well across all construction sites. Some of our products also feature built-in wheels, which allow easy transportation across sites. They are easily operated, highly manoeuvrable and extremely versatile machines. You can purchase various types of used lifting equipment with their own specific features and configurations, right here. 

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