Glass Vacuum Lifters

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We offer a wide range of used glass vacuum lifters for sale. Our used glass vacuum lifting machines are extremely versatile machines. Each machine has rotation, tilting and side shift features. These features allow ultimate precision and control when lifting. Multiple built-in suction pads allow secure handling of glass panels.

Used glass vacuum lifters come in all shapes and sizes. From flat to curved, our lifters can lift any type of glass. They are ideal for professional, internal and external glazing work. Vacuum lifers are also used as below-the-hook devices and are very trustworthy pieces of equipment. Varying lifting capacities of up to an impressive 6 tonnes, allow strong handling of heavy loads. They also operate on dual circuit vacuum lifting. Some safety features include an audio or visual low vacuum warning system. Some also include Intelli-Grip technology, which is the ultimate safety feature for monitoring the lifters performance. These products will provide you with the solution to all of your lifting and glazing needs.

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All used lifting products are offered subject to availability. To see the full list of used lifting equipment available, please visit our used lifting products listings page.

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