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Are you looking to purchase used lifting products from Belgium? Here at, we have a range of machines that are highly manoeuvrable and extremely versatile. We specialise in the sale of a wide range of used vacuum lifters, glazing robots, floor cranes and more. Our aim is to provide the perfect solution to all of your lifting needs.

Our range of used lifting products provide an active solution to all glazing and lifting needs. These used machines have a variety of impressive features and functions for extra flexibility whilst lifting or glazing. Our used machines are ideal for internal lifting and glazing, due to their compact and lightweight build. They are also ideal for external lifting operations as some machines maintain built-in wheels for traveling across sites. These machines are capable of traveling over rough terrain, as well as over uneven ground. With a variety of lifting capacities, our used products are capable of handling any heavy load. Our website offers a wide range of lifting equipment for sale across Belgium, so find yours here today.

All used lifting products are offered subject to availability. To see the full list of used lifting equipment available, please visit our used lifting products listings page.

For more information, call +44 (0)161 683 2584 or email