Installation Hoists

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We offer a range of used hoists for sale. Our hoists are specialist machines that lift heavy loads in a vertical position, as well as lowering them. These used machines are highly manoeuvrable around restricted access areas due to their lightweight build. Fitted with a below-the-hook attachment, they are compatible to use with vacuum lifters, cladding lifters and stone lifters. Hoists can be in the form of an attachment, as well as portable machines. Our machine hoists extend to heights of up to 7.5 metres.

Our hoists are a safer alternative to manual handling. Hoists are capable of extending to different heights and are fitted with lockable wheels. Their safety features include an overload spring function which activates if the safe working load has been exceeded. Hoists work well on construction sites for heavy duty lifting. They can also operate within confined spaces due to their compact build. Our hoists are also perfect for professional glazing jobs with ideal work including canopy glazing. We have the perfect used hoist for all of your lifting needs.

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All used lifting products are offered subject to availability. To see the full list of used lifting equipment available, please visit our used lifting products listings page.

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