Transporting glass can be tricky but not with the Glassbuddy!

The Glassbuddy provides simpler travelling of heavy glass loads of up to 150kg across sites. Featuring two robust suction cups, glass is held safely in place whilst being manoeuvred.

Its impressive features allow glass to be tilted 20°, rotated 360° and hoisted up to a height of over 3 metres. This multi-functional glass trolley is the ideal device for shop front and balustrade glazing.

Fitted with large pneumatic wheels, this unique travelling aid is easily transported across rough and uneven terrain. Glass can also be lowered to ground level once the two front wheels are slid back.

This glass trolley can be easily manoeuvred through narrow passages due to its adjustable width and glass side shift function. Its adjustable, 3-position arm allows the soft-grip handles to be modified for comfort.

This highly portable used lifting product is the perfect friend to all of your transporting needs.

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