On the lookout for the perfect used glass vacuum lifter?

The P11104 glass vacuum lifter is an extremely versatile machine. Boasting a lifting capacity of up to 320kg, this machine is ideal for lifting glass, metal and other non-porous materials.

Featuring a 180° rotation and 90° tilting function, this lifter offers flexibility and precise positioning when manoeuvring loads. For extra safety when lifting, this machine operates on two separate vacuum circuits, each capable of handling loads independently.

Built with four-in-line vacuum pads, this vacuum lifter is ideal for lifting flat materials with a longer surface area. Ideal for lifting windows, door frames and flat roofing materials, the P11104 comes with a built-in audio/visual low vacuum alarm, ensuring all loads are being lifted safely.

Specifically engineered and tested for its reliability, safety and durability, the P11104 delivers class-leading vacuum lifting operation for heavy loads. Precise positioning is made simple with this lifter!

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