Need a tow? Here you go!

This used electric cart is capable of manoeuvring loads of up to 1300kg, creating no fumes or noise within sensitive environments. Ideal for transporting loads across around construction sites, warehouses or factories, this heavy-duty cart reduces the strain of manual handling.

Built with two durable wheels, the Tow Cart 1300 is a pedestrian controlled device featuring a handle mounted control panel. Travel with heavy loads across sites at up to a maximum speed of 8km/h, manoeuvring loads simply and safely.

The used battery powered cart comes with an on-board battery charger for power on the go. It also features a flashing safety light, which allows the vehicle to be more visible when in operation.

At just 654mm wide, this compact cart will allow you to travel within confined spaces. The perfect solution to all of your heavy handling needs.

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