Glazing can get complicated but not with a genius on the job!

This used Geko 350 glazing robot is the perfect solution to all glazing needs. Boasting a lifting capacity of 350kg, this used machine is ideal for effortless installation of glass panels. This pedestrian controlled device is easy to operate across all sites.

Featuring a dual circuit vacuum head, loads can be rotated 180°, tilted 30° and lifted in vertical movement of up to 500mm. Loads can also be installed overhead to a maximum height of 3 metres with this impressive used glazing robot.

Built with a compact frame and adjustable wheels, this glazing robot is capable of manoeuvring loads within confined spaces. Ideal for both interior and exterior glazing operations, loads can be carried across a range of surfaces.

This used glazing robot comes with a digital vacuum gauge and magnetic suction release for safer lifting. This machine also comes with 100mm extension rods, which will allow handling of deeper window mullions.

Capable of performing professional glazing operations such as, inside-out glazing, curtain walling and canopy glazing, this used Geko 350 is the ultimate glass manipulating machine.

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