Our wide range of used lifting products offer a solution to all lifting needs. If you need to perform a vertical lift of a heavy load, then take a look at the one and only, Glassmax!

The Glassmax is a used manual hoist, built with removable counterweights for extra stability when being manoeuvred across sites. Simple to build and easily dismantled, this used hoist makes the perfect lifting assistant.

This lightweight hoist is capable of lifting loads of up to 500kg, with a maximum lifting height of 2.5 metres. Often used for vertical glazing operations, the Glassmax can be combined with a glass vacuum lifter thanks to its below-the-hook attachment.

With an optional fork attachment, this multi-functional manual hoist can also be used for effective installation of pipes, ducts and palletised loads.

At just 800mm in width and 2.13 metres in lengths, this device can be safely transported through narrow openings and congested sites.

Make all of your lifting needs easier with this used Glassmax manual hoist.

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