Need a hand lifting glass? This used MRT4 glass vacuum lifter can offer you four!

The MRT4 glass vacuum lifter is an extremely versatile machine, featuring impressive functions for manipulating glass such as, a continuous 360° full rotation and a 90° tilt. This lifter can be adjusted for a variety of shapes and sizes due to four extension arms and four flexible frame configurations.

Boasting a lifting capacity of 320kg, this machine is ideal for lifting heavy glass panels. Capable of lifting flat pieces of glass, specialist pads are also available for lifting operations on textured glass. This glass vacuum lifter really has it all.

The MRT4 has safety in mind with the development of dual, independent vacuum circuits that are designed to handle loads independently. Featuring an optional variable length lifting arm, this lifter allows simpler fitting under soffits and overhangs.

This used glass vacuum lifter has been used on a variety of projects, including lifting glazed units at the AMEX stadium and replacing shop front glass windows at a Louis Vuitton store. Working as a below-the-hook device, this lifter offers reliability and precise positioning for all professional glazing jobs.

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