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Used Glassbuddy Glass Manipulator For Sale

Used Glassbuddy Glass Manipulator For Sale

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    Product Type Trolleys
    Application Lifting
    Capacity 80 / 150kg
    Year 2018
    Dealer Location Greater Manchester
    Serial Number 18/4177

Technical Specification

The Glassbuddy, a multi-functional glass manipulator that sets the standard for glass handling engineering, has manual tilt, rotate, and hoist functions for easy installation. The Glass Buddy is the best lifting tool for installing glass balustrades and store fronts. Glass plates may be raised more than three metres in the air, turned 360 degrees, and inclined 20 degrees (top of glass).

Thanks to the adjustable width (54-80cm) and convenient side-shift mechanism that allows glass to be swivelled sideways, large glass plates may be moved through a tiny doorway with ease. Two sturdy hoover cups guarantee that the glass is securely kept in place. The Glassbuddy’s front wheels move back, allowing the glass to be lowered all the way to the ground.

The steering arm has soft-grip grips and can be adjusted in three different positions. The Glassbuddy is incredibly portable and simple to transport; it can be swiftly loaded onto a truck and put back together in less than a minute. The Glassbuddy is capable of operating through difficult, uneven terrain because to its large pneumatic wheels.

Capacity: 80kg (one person operation), 150kg (2 person operation).

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