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Used Minifor TR30 Hoist For Sale

Used Minifor TR30 Hoist For Sale

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    Product Type Hoists
    Application Lifting
    Capacity 300kg
    Year 2007
    Dealer Location Greater Manchester
    Serial Number 07/08018

Technical Specification

The Minifor TR30 hoist is utilised on construction sites worldwide and is characterised by its tiny size, low weight, and user-friendliness. As the length of the wire rope is unbounded, there are no practical limitations on the lifting height. This hoist may be used to both raise and drag goods in any direction, making it a very versatile piece of equipment.

A control pendant with a 2.5-meter wire and buttons is used to operate the elevator. The power supply cable is one metre long and is equipped with a 110v 16A connection. Optionally, the Minifor TR30 hoist may be equipped with a radio remote control with a default range of 70 metres at 433 MHz.

The TR30 is a portable and small motorised device that may be used to lift, pull, and place items from the ground to upper levels and vice versa. The TR30 hoist is effective at lowering weights in subterranean locations such as underground tunnels and lift shafts.

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