2008 KS Glassmax 250 Manual Hoist

2008 KS Glassmax 250 Manual Hoist

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It’s easy to use and strong. The popular Glassmax 250 makes it a lot easier to lift glass, stone, and other heavy things. This manual hoist works great with any of our many vacuum lifters to make vertical lifting projects go quickly and smoothly.

The Glassmax 250 hoist is strong and versatile. It can lift up to 250kg at a hook height of 7.2m or a fork height of 7.5m, making it perfect for low to mid-level glazing. Weighing just 230kg with counterweights or 330kg with counterweights, this lightweight floor crane can be brought to the site in a van, unloaded, and put to work in minutes.

The Glassmax 250 can easily handle the kind of glass that is often found in office buildings, remodeled homes, car showrooms, and shopping centres.

This Glassmax hoist is easy to transport because it can be folded up and the counterweights can be taken off. It can also be used to lift two items at the same time to their final installation spot. The Glassmax manual hoist is a good choice for vertical glazing because it has a small footprint, is easy to use, and has a strong frame.


ModelGlassmax 250
Serial Number08-0212