2008 KS Glassmax 500 Manual Hoist

2008 KS Glassmax 500 Manual Hoist

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Strong, dependable, and simple to operate. The widely used Glassmax 500 floor crane makes it much simpler to lift glass, stone, and other materials. For rapid and efficient vertical lifting projects, pair this manual hoist with one of our wide variety of vacuum lifters.

The sturdy Glassmax 500 builds on the smaller model’s success by boosting its maximum weight capacity to 500kg at 4.6 metres under the hook and 4.8 metres with forks. Weighing 270 kilogrammes without counterweights and 470 kilogrammes with them, the Glassmax 500 can easily handle mid-capacity glazing, which is frequently found in office buildings, renovated homes, auto showrooms, and shopping malls.

The Glassmax hoists include removable counterweights, are easy to fold up for transport, and can even be used to tandem lift goods to their ultimate installation location. The Glassmax manual hoists are a reliable option for vertical glazing because of their compact size, simplicity of use, and sturdy structure.


ModelGlassmax 500
Serial NumberGM0188