2020 Quattrolifts Glass Buddy Trolley

2020 Quattrolifts Glass Buddy Trolley


The Glassbuddy, a very portable, multi-functional glass manipulator with manual tilt, rotate, and hoist functions for easy installation, is a pioneer in glass handling engineering. For installing glass on storefronts and balustrades, the Glass Buddy is the best lifting tool. Glass plates may be tilted 20 degrees, rotated 360 degrees, and raised more than three metres in the air (top of glass).

The adjustable width (54-80cm) and convenient side-shift mechanism, which enables glass to be swivelled sideways, make it possible to transport large glass plates through a tiny doorway with ease. Glass is securely kept in place by two strong vacuum cups. To enable the glass to be lowered all the way to the ground, the front wheels of the Glassbuddy move back.

Soft-grip handles and three settings of adjustment are available for the steering arm. The Glassbuddy is a highly transportable device that can be easily loaded into a truck and put back together in under a minute. The Glassbuddy is equipped with large pneumatic wheels that allow for easy movement over rough, uneven terrain.


ModelGlass Buddy
Serial Number20/4210
Capacity60 & 150kg