2017 KS 1400 Glazing Robot

2017 KS 1400 Glazing Robot

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The dual circuit KS 1400 is our glazing robot with the largest lifting capacity. It is perfect for lifting and moving heavy glass, ceramic plates, plastic boards, and other non-porous materials.

The KS 1400 is the best combination of lifting power and size inside its class, with a capacity of 1400kg. The KS 1400 is only 1303mm wide and has solid rubber wheels. It can be easily controlled with a radio remote control in tight spaces, so it can carry loads through places that are hard to get to.

The hydraulically powered robotic arm can reach up to 2.3 metres and has a head that can tilt 90 degrees up and down and swivel 90 degrees to the left and right. It can also rotate 360 degrees.

This glazing robot also has stabilisers that make it safer to move over uneven ground and a powered side shift function that makes it easy to move the device into the right place when helping to install glass.


ModelKS 1400
Serial Number17/0843