2022 AlmaCrawler ML 3.0 FX Tracked Carrier

2022 AlmaCrawler ML 3.0 FX Tracked Carrier

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The powerful ML 3.0 FX Tracked Carrier gives users flexibility, heavy-duty lifting power, and better gradability in a small package. This gives materials handlers a useful tool for heavy-duty lifting both indoors and outdoors. Featuring a class-leading electric drive with two 5.3kW super-quiet IP67 rated AC electric motors, the ML 3.0 FX Tracked Carrier features three power management configurations giving different speeds:

ECO @ 1.2 km/h / STD @ 2.0 km/h / POW @ 4.2 km/h

This new electric tracked carrier has a battery pack that is completely removable and has its own built-in charger. This unique feature helps to eliminate downtime for users on-site. Four support beams at each corner give bigger loads more stability. These beams can be moved to make the loading area longer or wider. The platform itself sits on a slewing ring that can be turned in any direction. There are 16 different positions that can be locked, so you can change the platform to fit your load.

The ML 3.0 FX Tracked Carrier has a unique non-marking track design that makes it easier to access and move up and down slopes. This is because the rollers actively adapt to the terrain, giving the track grip and helping to prevent accidental load spills.


ModelMl 3.0 FX
Serial Number2210