2007 Wood's Powr-Grip P11104 Glass Vacuum Lifter

2007 Wood's Powr-Grip P11104 Glass Vacuum Lifter

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The Woods Powr-Grip P11104 vacuum lifter boasts a 320kg lifting capacity. Engineered and tested for its reliability, safety, and durability, it operates on two separate vacuum circuits. Each circuit is designed to handle the load independently, ensuring extra safety during glass vacuum lifts.

This lifter is a convenient way to lift glass, metal, ceramics, and other non-porous materials with an optional short hook for fitting glass under soffits or overhangs. The P11104 enables loads to be manoeuvered precisely into position due to impressive features. Features include a 180° lockable rotation and a 90° tilt. This popular glass vacuum lifter comes with onboard power from a rechargeable battery.


ManufacturerWood's Powr-Grip
Serial Number07/0067
Capacity320 kg