2002 Pannkoke Kombi 7211-CeDe Glass Vacuum Lifter

2002 Pannkoke Kombi 7211-CeDe Glass Vacuum Lifter

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For heavy objects like glass, metal, plastic, etc., the battery-operated vacuum lifting device Kombi 7211-CeDe can be used to lift, hold, and transport the object with ease. This series is designed specifically for your needs and can carry weights weighing up to 900 kg. The centre position allows for a +/- 90 degree rotation of the conveyed object. That’s why the Kombi 7211-CeDe, a battery-operated vacuum lifting device, is the best choice for installing large glass panes edge-to-edge during glazing.

Suction cups can be installed in a variety of ways on the cross bars, and the cross bars can be mounted in a variety of ways on the longitudinal bars.

The 2-circuit vacuum system of the battery-operated Vacuum Lifting Device Kombi 7211-CeDe was designed with construction sites in mind and conforms to the safety standard EN 13155.

The Battery-powered Vacuum Lifting Device Kombi 7211-CeDe can be utilised anywhere, as its vacuum pump operates solely on battery power. It is advised that while moving large dimensional objects, suction / release features be accomplished via a cordless remote control.

Two separate vacuum circuits are used in the battery-operated Vacuum Lifting Kombi 7211-CeDe. Each vacuum circuit is built to withstand the standard load by itself; in the event of a power outage or system failure, a warning is triggered.


Serial Number02/2512