2012 KS 600 Glazing Robot

2012 KS 600 Glazing Robot

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The KS 600 is a glazing robot that uses dual-circuit vacuum technology to lift and move heavy glass weighing up to 600kg.

With a frame that is only 780mm wide and solid rubber wheels, the KS 600 is easy to move through narrow spaces using the controls on the steering column. This makes it useful for working in small spaces. It has six suction pads that can stick to glass, metal, and parts of windows and doors.

The KS 600’s telescopic lifting arm has a reach of 1445 mm and can lift up to 300 kg. It can be raised and lowered with precise controls, and its articulated joint can even lift items from shelves. This glazing robot also has small stabilisers that make it safer to move heavier loads and an electric side shift function that makes it easy to move the device into the right place when helping to install glass.


ModelKS 600
Serial Number12/0239