2017 Liftboy 700 Floor Crane


2017 Liftboy 700 Floor Crane


The Liftboy 700 is a battery-powered counterbalanced floor crane that can move and handle heavy loads of up to 700kg.

This electric floor crane is only 763mm wide and has a powered drive, so it is easy to move around on sites that are already congested. When equipped with a vacuum lifter, hoist or clamp, the Liftboy 700 is great for moving industrial equipment, stacks of building materials, and unitized glazing. It has support struts on its base and can move at up to 2.5km/h with a load.

The Liftboy 700's powered boom can move up and down and telescopically move in and out which makes it easy to lift loads from the ground up. This floor crane makes it easy to lift things up to 3.3 metres high and can reach as far as 2.3 metres (at 200kg capacity).

Charging is easy with a convenient onboard battery charger and battery level indicator.


ModelLiftboy 700 Floor Crane
Serial Number17/0471