2008 KS Glassmax 500 Manual Hoist

2008 KS Glassmax 500 Manual Hoist

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Simple to use, dependable, and powerful. The popular Glassmax 500 floor cranes make lifting glass, stone, and other materials easier. These manual hoists are ideal for combining with one of our vacuum lifters for quick and effective vertical lifting projects.

The Glassmax 500 expands on the proven smaller 250 model by expanding the maximum capacity to 500kg to a 4.6m height under hook and 4.8m with forks, weighing 270kg without counterweights and 470kg with them.

The Glassmax hoists fold up easily for transport, have removable counterweights, and can even be used to tandem lift goods to their ultimate installation location. The Glassmax manual hoists are a good alternative for vertical glazing because of their small size, ease of operation, and sturdy structure.


ModelGlassmax 500
Serial Number08/0195