2008 Wood's Powr-Grip MRTA611 Glass Vacuum Lifter

2008 Wood's Powr-Grip MRTA611 Glass Vacuum Lifter

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The Six-in-Line is a very slim vacuum lifter that is part of our Wood's Powr-Grip line. It can lift up to 500kg.

The Six-In-Line lifting device is great for lifting longer glass units in tight workspaces. It can be manually rotated 180 degrees and locked in three positions. It can also tilt 90 degrees, which makes it easier to tilt big loads from a flat position to an upright position.

This famous glass lifter is easy to use and has a built-in battery with a charger. The lifting frame can be changed to fit different shapes and sizes of loads because it has two pads that can be taken off.


ManufacturerWood's Powr-Grip
ModelMRTA611 Glass Vacuum Lifter
Serial Number08/0577