2007 Tractel Minifor TR30 Hoist

2007 Tractel Minifor TR30 Hoist

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The Minifor TR30 hoist is used on construction sites all over the world and is distinguished by its small size, lightweight, and ease of use. Because the wire rope's length is limitless, there are no practical constraints to the lifting height. This hoist may be used to lift and move things in any direction, making it an extremely flexible piece of equipment.

The lift is controlled by a control pendant with a 2.5-meter cord and buttons. The power supply cable is 1 metre long and has a 110v 16A connector. The Minifor TR30 hoist can optionally be outfitted with a radio remote control with a default range of 70 metres at 433 MHz.

The TR30 is a small motorised device that can be used to lift, pull, and place goods from lower to upper levels and vice versa. The TR30 hoist is used for lowering weights in subterranean areas such as tunnels and lift shafts.


ModelMinifor TR30
Serial Number07/08020