2014 Wood's Powr-Grip Stone Dolly

2014 Wood's Powr-Grip Stone Dolly

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This stone trolley, capable of carrying dense stone weighing up to 320kg and 50mm thick, is a practical solution to shift stone slabs, memorials, and headstones across uneven ground.

A self-locking rubber clamp secures the slab in place, while a specific rubber-faced stair support swings into place for smooth stair and step ascent and descent. Suitable for stone items that are vertical or horizontal. The soft-grip handles may be adjusted in two positions: high for smoother terrain and low for rougher terrain.

The Stone Dolly is very mobile, with a sturdy wheel base and pivoting wheel for easy turning and shifting.


ManufacturerWood's Powr-Grip
ModelStone Dolly
Serial Number14/0281
Capacity320 kg