Bespoke Narrow High-Sided Liftable A-Frames For Sale

Bespoke Narrow High-Sided Liftable A-Frames For Sale

Available quantity: 12

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We have a selection of used Narrow High-Sided Liftable A-Frames for sale, this most recent addition includes two 330mm-deep shelves that make it possible to transport thick glass or sheet materials around a site safely and effectively. 

Large glass panels can be transported using this trolley, which can support loads up to 1.25 tonnes when spread uniformly. The strong duty compound wheels on it make it simple to manoeuvre over uneven terrain.

This stillage has forklift points and a lifting eye just like some of our other A-Frame trolleys, enabling it to be raised by a forklift truck or crane, making the transfer of glass safer and more effective.

Dimensions of the A-Frame: 2580mm (l) x 1100mm (w) x 2450mm (h).


ModelNarrow High-Sided Liftable A-Frame
Serial NumberAGT80