2016 Wood's Powr-Grip P11104 Glass Vacuum Lifters

2016 Wood's Powr-Grip P11104 Glass Vacuum Lifters

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One of the most well-liked vacuum lifters on the market is the Woods Powr-Grip P11104 model. In its class, it features the best vacuum lifting technology. The P11104 has been designed and tested to be dependable, secure, and durable. It includes two distinct vacuum circuits, each of which is designed to manage the weight on its own for added safety during vacuum lifts, and it can lift up to 320 kg.

Lifting glass, metal, ceramics, and other non-porous materials is simple with the 4-in-line. Its 90-degree tilt and 180-degree lockable rotation enable operators to swiftly position loads during vacuum lifts. Since the rechargeable battery in this well-liked glass vacuum lifter is built-in, there are no cables to worry about when lifting glass.


ManufacturerWood's Powr-Grip
Serial Number1758Y