2014 Tractel Minifor TR30 Hoist w/Radio Remote

2014 Tractel Minifor TR30 Hoist w/Radio Remote

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The Minifor TR30 hoist is used on building sites all over the world because it is small, light, and easy to use. Since there are no limits on the length of the wire rope, there are also no limits on the height that can be lifted. This hoist is a very useful piece of equipment because it can be used to both lift and pull things in any direction.

The control pendant has a 2.5-meter cord and buttons that say "Up," "Down," and "Emergency Stop." The power source cable is one metre long and has a 110v 16A plug on it. This Minifor TR30 hoist comes with a radio remote control that works at 433 MHz and has a range of 70 metres.

You can move the small and portable TR30 motorised device from ground level to higher levels or back again. It can be used to lift, pull, and position loads. Lowering loads below ground is easy for the TR30 hoist, which can be used in caves and lift shafts.


ModelMinifor TR30 RR
Serial Number14/030023D