2014 Wood's Powr-Grip MRTA6 Glass Vacuum Lifter

2014 Wood's Powr-Grip MRTA6 Glass Vacuum Lifter

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The flexible MRTA6 vacuum lifter uses 'Quadra-Tilt' technology to make moving glass, plastic, and metal objects into a mounting position easy and stress-free for operators.

The 'Quadra-Tilt', a distinctive four-bar tilt mechanism used by the MRTA6, gives the operator mechanical aid. When using a lifter that pivots around a single point, less than half the force is needed to tilt the weight. The lifter automatically maintains the load without the use of latches when a load is tilted to either the upright or the flat position. 

The dual circuit MRTA6 also has adjustable pads and extension arms that can accommodate a range of load sizes and forms, as well as 360° continuous manual rotation that is lockable at 8 intermediate points.


ManufacturerWood's Powr-Grip
ModelMRTA6 Glass Vacuum Lifter
Serial Number14/1413