2018 Liftboy 700 Floor Crane

2018 Liftboy 700 Floor Crane

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The Liftboy 700 is a counterbalanced floor crane that can handle and move heavy loads up to 700 kg.

This electric floor crane can be effortlessly manoeuvred into place on crowded sites thanks to its powered drive and small 763mm width. With its supportive struts on the base and a top speed of 2.5 km/h when carrying a load, the Liftboy 700 is perfect for handling industrial equipment, stacks of building materials, and unitized glazing when equipped with a vacuum lifter.

The Liftboy 700's powered boom features a handy on-board battery charger and can telescopically extend and retract to enable precise lifting of goods from the ground up. With a 200 kg capacity, this floor crane can reach a maximum height of 2.3 meters and relieves the effort of lifting to 3.3 meters. 


ModelLiftboy 700
Serial Number17/0473