2023 AlmaCrawler ML 1.5 FX Tracked Carrier

2023 AlmaCrawler ML 1.5 FX Tracked Carrier

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In keeping with the other models of tracked carriers and levellers, this electric tracked carrier is set to revolutionize the way industries handle materials with its exceptional performance and efficiency. The glass and glazing sector, infrastructure, power, industrial material handling, routine and emergency maintenance tasks, and many other applications are the targets of the 1.5 FX's unique design.

The 1.5 FX is equipped with two powerful electric motors that generate a robust 10.6kW of power when combined. This car can reach a maximum speed of 2.8 km/h and guarantees instant traction. Operators can choose the ideal speed and power combination based on the task at hand thanks to the two-speed function.

The electric drive technology eliminates the need for hydraulic oil while offering excellent performance. After charging, the batteries can run continuously for up to six hours, avoiding the need for maintenance. Furthermore, the transporter's 45° gradability and 40mm of ground clearance ensure simple navigation over a range of terrains.

It is ideal for a range of applications, including industrial operations, maintenance work, the glass sector, and even the food and pharmaceutical industries, because of its versatility and IP67 protection.


ModelML 1.5 FX
Serial NumberALM-003449