2019 Hoeflon TC1 Tracked Carrier

2019 Hoeflon TC1 Tracked Carrier

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This compact carrier is ideal for the horizontal movement of heavy items and equipment on site because of its adjustable rotating deck and its narrow width of only 800 mm, which allows it to easily navigate through places with restricted access.

When transferring materials, this radio-remote-controlled tracked carrier with separately controlled tracks provides the best control, maneuverability, and capacity to round curves while maintaining a safe distance between the operator and the load. A set of lashing rings on the TC1 Transport Carrier enable loads to be safely secured to the carrier while in transit.

This 1200kg capacity carrier stands just 420mm tall, giving it a low centre of gravity and easy driving across uneven surfaces and up inclines. Its tracks also make it perfect for indoor use on polished and finished floors. 


ModelTC1 Tracked Carrier
Serial Number19/12181731