2017 Glassboy 850 Floor Crane

2017 Glassboy 850 Floor Crane

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The Glassboy 850 floor crane is a dependable lifting aid that works with a variety of below-the-hook devices, including vacuum lifters. It can be used for glass installation work, shop front glazing, fitting loads below an overhang, and regular workshop lifting.

The Glassboy 850 may be placed on rooftops or in between stories. It can also be used with an electric hoist to raise objects from the ground up. The device can manage loads of up to 850 kg. This small floor crane has outriggers added to stabilize it during lifting and is available with a long or short wheelbase.

A hand pump that may be moved to be near or far from the load is included with the Glassboy 850. Its highly portable, easily assembled frame and ability to support a wide range of applications make it an adaptable counterbalanced floor crane. 


ModelGlassboy 850
Serial Number17/1105