2019 Used Slewboy 500 Floor Crane

2019 Used Slewboy 500 Floor Crane

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For glass installation tasks such as shopfronts, office partitions, and installing glazing beneath low level overhangs, the Slewboy 500 floor crane is the perfect tool. This unique crane, which is just 980mm wide, has a slewing arm that allows it to work at 180°, rotating cargo 90° to the left and right. It can also be locked at every 45°. The Slewboy 500 is able to function in situations where other floor cranes cannot, such as limited entry points and hallways, since it has been equipped with a slewing arm.Removable weights make this 500 kg capacity counterbalance crane easy to move by forklift or crane to its operating location. Many of our vacuum lifters that are located below the hook may be used with the Slewboy 500. 


ModelSlewboy 500
Serial Number19/HVA43