2019 Oscar 350 Offroad Glazing Robot

2019 Oscar 350 Offroad Glazing Robot

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With all-terrain wheels and a 350kg lifting capability, the OSCAR 350 Offroad is the ideal little glazing robot for jobs in places with limited access and unfavourable ground conditions.

Glass, ceramic plates and plastic boards are all easily handled and precisely installed by the OSCAR 350. With its moveable head that can electrically tilt 90 degrees up and down, manually locked rotation 180 degrees left and right, and manually slew 90 degrees left and right, the electrically driven robotic arm can reach up to 600mm and provide unmatched lifting.

Wheeled stabilisers allow this dual-circuit glazing robot to move, lift, and manoeuvre items with greater stability. With a pendant remote control included on the OSCAR 350 Offroad, which measures just 771mm (1199mm with stabilisers), operators may choose how near to the cargo they want to be as and when they need to. 


ModelOscar 350 Offroad
Serial Number19/1177