2016 Libro 800 Overhang Beam

2016 Libro 800 Overhang Beam

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With a capacity of up to 800 kg, the Libro 800 is a compact overhang beam. This counterweight balancer allows you to raise weights at full capacity at each working length and install glass, curtain walling, and cladding below overhangs of up to 1550mm.

An incorporated hook on the Libro 800 overhang beam allows it to be utilized with a below-the-hook vacuum lifter, which we also have for sale. This compact overhang beam is ideal for high-rise installation tasks and may be fastened to mobile and tower cranes. The counterweight balancer of the Libro 800 is prevented from tilting more than ±10° for safety reasons by an anti-tilt switch.

A rechargeable battery powers the Libro 800's movable 24 counterweight rack and pinion saddle — Moveable along the beam via cable remote control, the counterweight saddle balances the raised load.


ModelLibro 800 Overhang Beam
Serial Number16/A810403