2013 KS 280 Glazing Robot

2013 KS 280 Glazing Robot

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The dual-circuit KS 280 is the smallest of our series of KS glazing robots; it has a side-shift mechanism to nudge glass into the optimal installation position without realigning the entire machine.

The KS 280 has unrivalled lifting capability for its size, with the ability to handle loads of up to 280kg, making it ideal for the most difficult internal glazing projects requiring restricted access. The KS 280 can easily pass through doors despite its 630mm width since its head can be manually swung 90° left and right.

The precise installation of glass panels is facilitated by a robotic lifting head that tilts and rotates manually up to 180 degrees. The KS 280 is equipped with a remote control cable and small-wheeled outriggers for increased stability while lifting big goods.


ModelKS 280
Serial Number13/0364