2018 KS 800 Offroad Glazing Robot

2018 KS 800 Offroad Glazing Robot

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The KS 800 Offroad is a glazing robot that can lift up to 800 kg and is made to easily handle and install glass, plastic boards, and ceramic plates. The KS 800 Offroad’s all-terrain tyres make it easier to work in places that are hard to get to or have rough ground conditions.

The KS 800 Offroad has a hydraulically powered robotic arm that can reach up to 2500mm. Its head can rotate 135° left and right, tilt 90° up and down, and slew 90° left and right, so it can place materials precisely.

The KS 800 Offroad comes with wheeled stabilisers that give it more stability when moving and lifting loads. With a radio remote control, operators can choose how close they want to be to the load. They can be close during installation, or they can stay farther away to stay at a distance.


ModelKS 800 Offroad
Serial Number18/1005