2021 K.Schulten KS 800 Offroad 3D Head

2021 K.Schulten KS 800 Offroad 3D Head

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With the addition of the totally 3D Head, the popular KS 800 Offroad has advanced. The 800 3D can lift 800 kg, has all-terrain wheels for working on uneven terrain, and has a maximum extend of 2.7 m. giving you greater flexibility and reach than the typical KS 800 on-site.

A hydraulically powered robotic head with features like 180° left and right rotation, 90° left and right slew, and 90° tilt up and down allows the operator to work in a variety of places where room is limited and diesel machines are unworkable.

A radio remote control allows operators to choose how close they want to be to a load—closer during installation or further away so they can remain out of the way at a safer distance—while keeping all the features of the 800 Offroad, including the 100mm lateral side shift, wheeled stabilisers, and those features mentioned above. The KS 800 3D Head is the ideal answer for all of your glazing issues, including inside-out glazing, shop fronts, canopies, railway stations, airports, and hospitals.


ModelKS 800 Offroad 3D Head
Serial Number21/1445