2016 Oscar 600 Offroad Glazing Robot


2016 Oscar 600 Offroad Glazing Robot


All terrain wheels on the Oscar 600 Offroad glazing robot make working in difficult ground conditions and restricted access regions easy. This very manoeuverable Oscar 600 Offroad features front wheel drive and big twin tyres with extra grip to keep the machine from sinking into the ground. It has the same 600kg lifting capacity as the conventional Oscar 600 model.Using six robust vacuum suction cups, the dual circuit Oscar 600 Offroad is ideal for usage on outdoor sites and traveling over uneven soily terrain. It can securely handle heavy glass and other flat, non-porous items. With electric actuators driving its extra-long telescopic lifting arm, it can raise 300 kg of weights up to 1180mm in reach.This little machine, at just 922mm wide, is perfect for use in tight areas because of its useful multifunctional steering wheel and remote control. 


ModelOscar 600 Offroad
Serial Number16/0674